Two MANBANDs: $5.95     Buy Now Button

Four MANBANDs: $11.90     Buy Now Button

MANBAND is a super stretchy silicone-band wallet. It’s got the perfect manly grip that securely holds 5-10 cards plus some cash, and still lets you easily pull out your cards when you need them. MANBAND is made of high integrity silicone so it won’t crack or lose resilience like rubber, and it is already just the right size. 

You’ll hardly notice it in your pocket. You will never go back to that big bulky wallet again!

MANBAND is perfect for everyday use. Keep it in your front pocket or back pocket, use it when you travel, or bring it to your outdoor or sporting activities. MANBAND is simple and functional, without any fluff.


Send us your comments, questions, or suggestions! We’d love to hear from you.

Also, we are able to do large bulk orders with custom logos for work, club, or customer swag! Try it out, it will be a hit!

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